About the Waverley Abbey College Journal

Waverley Abbey College has been involved with university-validated courses since 1998, offering a BA in Counselling since 2010, then developing master’s courses and, more recently, the MA in Spiritual Formation. Part of the college’s purpose is to integrate Christian faith into the practice of learning in a higher education environment, utilising the best contemporary models of professional and academic practice[1]. The Waverley Abbey College Journal is a development of this vision. There is a paucity of literature that tackles the integration of secular knowledge, such as counselling or psychotherapy, with a Christian understanding, particularly from a British perspective, and limited British empirical research on disciplines such as counselling, spiritual formation, pastoral care, and other helping approaches. The journal seeks to contribute to scholarly knowledge and research of the various disciplines in dialogue with a Christian perspective.

Journal scope and aims

  • To promote the advancement of knowledge and practice in diverse areas of practice (e.g., Christian counselling, pastoral work, spiritual formation, public leadership) through scholarly work (e.g., primary research, book reviews, theoretical, conceptual, critical literature reviews, systematic reviews, and reflective and applied articles) that engage with a Christian perspective.
  • To support students, tutors, alumni and authors in providing an opportunity for publication and dissemination of scholarly work that engages with a Christian perspective.
  • To support the work of the college in line with the college’s vision and mission statement.

Values and ethos

The values and ethos of the journal cohere with the stated vision and mission of the college. The journal is founded upon and informed by a Christian ethos that seeks to facilitate excellence and competence in Christian practice in diverse fields through scholarly work. It values the thoughtful integration of Christian-perspective dialogue with current knowledge and research to inform practices compatible with a Christian ethic. For more information on the college’s vision and mission statement, and how to submit a manuscript, click here.

Submission process

Submissions are welcomed from practitioners and writers in the areas of counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, spiritual formation, pastoral care, spiritual direction, public leadership, and other areas of Christian ministry.

Scholarly work submitted will be in the form of primary research, book reviews, theoretical, conceptual, critical literature reviews, systematic reviews, reflective and applied articles that engage with or are based on a Christian perspective. Empirical research articles should include an abstract. Articles should cohere with the values and aims of the journal.


Administration and general enquiries: journal@waverleyabbeycollege.ac.uk


[1] See: Vision and Mission – Waverley Abbey College